The Work


Talk Therapy is work. And not for the faint-of-heart. It requires a willingness to explore, the courage to be vulnerable, the capacity to dig deep, and a commitment to the process of working on YOU. Nothing gets fixed overnight. However, with hard work, dedication and stick-to-it-iveness, amazing things can happen.  

Before long, you will connect to parts of yourself and your life that are undiscovered and unfelt, as well as deeper emotions that you've unknowingly repressed.

And you’ll do all of this with me by your side – as I help you tune in to the nuances of your deeper emotional and cognitive states.

Talk Therapy identifies behavior and thinking patterns that are not always obvious. It broadens your perspective, helping you to understand the lenses through which you see the world. It can normalize your problems, helping you to make sense of how and why you got here. It can help you to regulate your emotions, rediscover your core values, discover your strengths and cause you to thrive.

Beautiful thoughtful woman So whether you’re dealing with relationship issues, family dysfunction, moodiness, anxiety, depression, anger, grief, addiction, lack of focus or general malaise, Talk Therapy can help you find the strategies, tools and strength you need to move forward in positive and healthy ways. Try Talk Therapy today. It’s time to start the journey toward feeling better, stronger, and more in control of your life.